a busy month…

in the late part of June, Newsday called and interviewed me for the print & online version of  FOLLOWLI  one to watch on Twitter. (the blurb is still up if you would like to take a look). Then the New Hyde Park Herald(the local newspaper) called to do a feature story on my art & my updates on twitter.

Before the interview I started a new illustration for a contest on the website They Draw & Travel.  I had an image in mind & it did take a little longer to finish than I expected, but it came out great! I used panpastel & hand painted it then scanned each drawing in & put it together using Photoshop & Illustrator.     Take a look at all the other artists wonderful work at They Draw & Travel.


my newest illustration

This illustration started out as an IF for the word swept…I decided to finish it with an image that’s been in my head for a while…
and use it for this weeks IF – Launch!
I used PanPastel on mostly the whole illustration, except for the finest details.  I painted on sennelier white drawing paper with grain.