Painting revision

I revised this painting a few times, made a few changes here & there.  I used PanPastels, working on the new coarse pastelbord, which, held up to lots of layers! After the revisions, I framed it asap, so I could not touch it anymore!  (Sometimes, I have a tendency to overwork a painting.)  I framed it with a dark hardwood frame, with a double mat.


Been awhile…

since I posted.  Yesterday I went back to a painting I started for an Illustration Friday prompt.  I started this using panpastels & pastelbord,

but this particular board had a little more teeth then I am used to.  I have been working on it with layers & different tools.  An enlargement of a section shows it is very rough, as you can see. 

I will be working on this today & hope to finish it soon. ( I have another sketch in the works…)