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a busy month…

in the late part of June, Newsday called and interviewed me for the print & online version of  FOLLOWLI  one to watch on Twitter. (the blurb is still up if you would like to take a look). Then the New Hyde Park Herald(the local newspaper) called to do a feature story on my art & my updates on twitter.

Before the interview I started a new illustration for a contest on the website They Draw & Travel.  I had an image in mind & it did take a little longer to finish than I expected, but it came out great! I used panpastel & hand painted it then scanned each drawing in & put it together using Photoshop & Illustrator.     Take a look at all the other artists wonderful work at They Draw & Travel.



I am happy to announce that the image of my painting…  TURN of the CENTURY, ROXBURY NY will be used for promotional material for this years Turn of the Century Event in Roxbury, NY (date to be announced). Visit the site and see all the events for this year. The Roxbury Arts Group will be updating the sight as soon as plans for the event are finished.