My new promo card…

I have been working on my promo card for a few weeks…it is a little late in the making, but there were other things to do.  I’ve been experimenting with new pastels & paper.  I bought some pan pastels, (just a few colors, &  they are great for backgrounds)!  I will be buying some more colors soon…I also tried a new paper; I’m not too happy with it, the paper is too thin & it didn’t hold the pastel as well as what I usually use.  Next time I will go back to the Canson Mi-teintes pastel paper &/or pastel board.  Well here is the illustration for the postcard…I drew a mummy for Illustration Friday “SPOOKY” (take a look on my IF page).  It’s b&w so I will be using it on the back of the PostCard.


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Barbara is a Freelance graphic artist, illustrator & painter. Her paintings & drawings are in private collections and have won award View all posts by barbara

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