A Friends visit to Vermont

Vivian H was in Vermont (painting) this week …she sent me a few pictures.   She also said “It  was cold & she was wearing her vivianwarmest clothes… & boots!”  Visit her on facebook for more info.

I will be going upstate NY this weekend to do some pumpkin & apple picking.  I hear its not as cold as in Vermont, but I will be bringing my sweater & boots anyway…along with my camera & sketchbook!

Pictures to follow in a few days!! Paintings in umm.. (in a few……)  Follow my “art” ventures on Twitter &/or Facebook!


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Barbara is a Freelance graphic artist, illustrator & painter. Her paintings & drawings are in private collections and have won award View all posts by barbara

One response to “A Friends visit to Vermont

  • shirley

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog! Wow, I hope you have a wonderful time in Vermont…some place I’d love to visit one day. And your rock formation drawing below is beautiful. I look forward to seeing your website soon. I know how time-consuming that is! Take care

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