Black bear and her cubs.

black bear & 2 cubs

black bear & 2 cubs

I put my painting aside for a while. I will go back to it in a week or so & look at it with fresh eyes and finish the details.  I have been in the Catskills (NY)…camera in hand  & got a great photo of a black bear & her cubs. I don’t think I will ever forget seeing them.  I was also enjoying time with family & we spent one gorgeous afternoon at Roxbury’s NY “Turn of the Century Days” there were old fashioned children’s games, hands-on crafts, and two full days of 19th century vintage baseball.  There were also artists on the premises enjoying The 6th annual WHET PAINT exhibit and sale. We ended the day with some old fashioned home made ice cream before heading back home.

printed with permission

printed with permission


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